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Reasons to Not Run in the Dark, Based Upon True Science and Observation

Many of my running buddies train in the early morning while it is still dark. I’m not with them, but I hear about it from others. Here are the reasons I don’t run until the sun comes up. These are all based upon true science and observation.

chupacabra1. Few races are in the dark, and I train for race conditions.

2. I reserve the early morning training hours for my wife, even when she is injured and not training.

3. I’m lazy.

4. I’d rather sit and read. Well, not really, but

5. I’d rather sit and drink coffee.

6. There are rattlesnakes where I live.

7. Rattlesnakes stretch out in the road during the early morning hours.

8. Skunks.

9. Chupacabras.

10. Chupacabras are attracted to headlamps.

11. Running in the dark gives me flashbacks of being chased by the cops.