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91-Year-Old Ernest Andrus Running Across the U.S.

1012898_616024778415893_1393228874_nReceived this morning through email. This man will be in Eastland County before long. Let’s give him all of the help we can!

His FB page is here.

“I wanted to get the word out about a 91-year-old runner named Ernest Andrus…maybe you saw the article about him in Runner’s World this month.  He is a WWII veteran running across America.  He runs 6-8 miles every other day. He does not have a support team and relies on Facebook to find running partners and rides back to his RV.  If he doesn’t have a ride, he hitch hikes.

I would love to get regular support teams to help him cross Texas.  He is currently near Big Spring, TX (SH-87 and I-20), heading east.  He is running to raise money to transport his WWII vessel, LST-325 to Normandy in time for the 75th anniversary.

You can visit  his webpage at or follow him on Facebook.  Please e-mail me if you have suggestions on how to get some support teams to him.  I live in College Station, so he is a little out my reach for now.  Please help to keep him going until he gets closer to us!

Jamie Cannon: cannons in texas at yahoo dot com

Thanks!  Jamie Cannon”

Eastland Ladies Dominate Stephenville Spooktacular Half Marathon

Heidi Clements, Lesa Herod, and Leah Herod

Heidi Clements, Lesa Herod, and Leah Herod

Eastland’s favorite mother and daughter running team took top honors at the Stephenville Lion’s Club Half-Marathon today.

Leah Herod was the overall female champion with an impressive time of 1:43:59. Even more impressive is that today’s race was Leah’s first race of any distance longer than a 5k. Her performance, however, doesn’t surprise anyone. In high school, Leah was a state qualifier in the 800. We’ll probably see her win more races in the future.

Lesa Herod, Leah’s mother, was just a few minutes behind with a 1:46:41, which put her in second place overall and first in the master’s division. This was also no surprise; Lesa is a two-time Boston Marathon qualifier and competed in Boston last April.

Heidi Clements of Eastland finished her half in 1:53, which was the fourth fastest time overall for the females. And Tessa Culverhouse of Eastland won first place in the 25-29 age division with 2:35.

As always, we are proud of our Eastland ladies. Too bad that none of us Eastland guys can keep up with them!


Sosebee Competes in Second Lubbock Triathlon

Lamont Sosebee joined 135 other athletes to compete in the Tri Raider Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, June 29 in Lubbock. The event was part of the 24th annual Lubbock Ironman.


Sosebee (red shirt) at the Tri Raider Triathlon

The sprint triathlon consisted of a 500 meter swim, 17.6 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run on the same course where Lamont raced in May. This was the first time for Lamont to race on his new bike, and it made a difference; he dropped over 10 minutes from his previous time on the bike course (1:09:19 to 58:36).

Due to a storm full of lightning, officials called the race just after Lamont reached the half-way point of the run. Results were calculated based upon the completed swim and bike times, putting him in 6th place in the 40-44 age group.

Next year, Lamont plans to complete the Half Ironman, which will mean a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13. 1 mile run. While it sounds impossible to many of us, it’s just another workout for Lamont.

Two Runners You Don’t Want to Mess With


Derek Smith and Heidi Smith Clements

Derek Smith and Heidi Smith Clements

Heidi Smith Clements and Derek Smith (Heidi’s brother) ran the Summer Solstice Endurance Run at Redbud Park in Abilene on June 21 (and 22). The annual run is sponsored by the Abilene Runner’s Club.

Runners had the choice of registering for the 3 hour or 6 hour run. Neither Derek nor Heidi can be accused of moderation in their exercise—they both opted for 6 hours.

The race began at 9:00 P.M. and, for Heidi and Derek, lasted until 3:00 A.M. Sound fun? And it all took place on a 1 mile loop, which means that Heidi passed the same trees 26 times. Derek made it around 30 times.

Extreme running isn’t new for either of these two. Derek and Heidi have both completed marathons and ultra marathons. Most recently, Derek ran the Big Sur International Marathon in Monterey, California with a time of 3:43, and Heidi won her age group in the Cowtown Ultra Marathon (50K) with a time of 4:58.

Congratulations to these two tough runners. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish next.

Team Tidroski Represents Eastland County in OKC and Las Colinas

Debbie Evans, Jennifer Tidroski, and Chris Tidroski

Debbie Evans, Jennifer Tidroski, and Chris Tidroski

Debbie Evans, Dr. Jennifer Evans Tidroski, and Dr. Chris Tidroski joined over 3,000 other runners in Las Colinas, Texas on June 9 at the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon and 10K. Besides helping to raise money for a great cause—the Wounded Warrior Project—Debbie and Chris also set personal records in the 10K, while Jennifer ran a great time in the half marathon.

Team Tidroski at the OKC Marathon

Team Tidroski at the OKC Marathon: Ryan Berend, Wendy Evans, Chris Tidroski, Jennifer Tidroski, and Debbie Evans










On April 28, the three were joined by Ryan Berend and Wendy Evans to form Team Tidroski at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. More than 3,000 runners competed in the full marathon, while there were over 10,000 runners in the half marathon. Team Tidroski completed the full 26.2 miles as a relay: Ryan Berend (5K leg), Wendy Evans (5K leg), Chris Tidroski (10K leg), Jennifer Evans Tidroski (12K leg), and Debbie Evans (10K leg).

The next race for Team Tidroski will most likely be the Fort Worth Running Club Labor Day Run.

These athletes, like many others, don’t just run for their own health. They also run to help others. Jennifer Tidroski, for instance, raises funds to cure blood cancer through her training group, Team in Training. You can find out more about Team in Training or make a donation benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society here.

Team Tidroski represents Eastland County well; we wish them all the best in their training and racing.

Lamont Sosebee Places at Triathlon

IMG_1317Congratulations to Eastland’s Lamont Sosebee who recently completed his second sprint triathlon.

The Doghouse Sprint Triathlon was held at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock on May 5, 2013 and consisted of a 500 meter swim, 17.6 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run.

A strong cold front made the temperatures in the panhandle drop into the 30’s the morning of the race. Buffalo Springs Lake stays between 70-74 degrees year round, so participants were allowed to wear wetsuits. Lamont said that because of that, the water wasn’t too bad—only his face, hands, and feet froze.

Lamont climbed out of the water with a time of 12 minutes 40 seconds and transitioned to his bike. The course was out and back and had several steep hills. Lamont finished the ride in 1:09:19.

After all of that, there was still a 5K to run, which Lamont finished in 26:38, giving him an overall time of 1:52:35 (counting transitions). The effort was good for second place in the 40-44 age group.

Lamont’s first triathlon was the Comanche Warrior Triathlon last September in Big Spring, and his next will be on June 29, again at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock. Lamont plans to complete an Olympic distance triathlon later this year and a half Iron Man in the near future.