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Two Runners You Don’t Want to Mess With


Derek Smith and Heidi Smith Clements

Derek Smith and Heidi Smith Clements

Heidi Smith Clements and Derek Smith (Heidi’s brother) ran the Summer Solstice Endurance Run at Redbud Park in Abilene on June 21 (and 22). The annual run is sponsored by the Abilene Runner’s Club.

Runners had the choice of registering for the 3 hour or 6 hour run. Neither Derek nor Heidi can be accused of moderation in their exercise—they both opted for 6 hours.

The race began at 9:00 P.M. and, for Heidi and Derek, lasted until 3:00 A.M. Sound fun? And it all took place on a 1 mile loop, which means that Heidi passed the same trees 26 times. Derek made it around 30 times.

Extreme running isn’t new for either of these two. Derek and Heidi have both completed marathons and ultra marathons. Most recently, Derek ran the Big Sur International Marathon in Monterey, California with a time of 3:43, and Heidi won her age group in the Cowtown Ultra Marathon (50K) with a time of 4:58.

Congratulations to these two tough runners. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish next.